Vintage Sewing Machines & Accessaries

Before you now - on this site is a collection of the finest, the best, the most useful sewing machines
you will find. They are vintage and not made like this any longer. These vintage machines
cannot be matched for service, endurance, and ease of maintenance - period.

Find the really good, the worth while and useful sewing machines here. These fine machines are superior
in every important way since they outlast, out perform, and cost much less to buy and care for.

These sewing machines are first selected by us for all of the good reasons mentioned and when completely
reconditioned and serviced to return them to their greatness. Some of them are offered here for sale.

SINGER Sewing Machines and Cabinets

Sewing Machine Cabinets
Galore upon Galore

Singer 237 zig zag
Good for Treadle $130

Singer 301
Advanced Straight Stitch
Portable & Rotary - $137.50

Singer 337
Strong - simple zig zag and $125.00
The Finest from Singer

Singer 503A Singers
finest Strong Loaded - $289.00

Singer's Finest - 401A
Slant O Matic $265.00

HandCrank & Treadle Sewing Machines

Singer W12-10 Wheeler
& Wilson Industrial Treadle
Price for this Treasure $265.00

Custom White Treadle
Will take many different
sewing machines $275.00

Hatachi Treadle
A Real Japanese Treadle
Different and very nice $165.00

A Prize Collectable
New American #7
A Treasure $575.00

White VS #3 Treadle
Hard to find today

German Parlor Treadle
Very Nice Pfaff 31

Singer 191R Treadle
Mexican Domestic $197.50

Kenmore Sewing Machines

Kenmore 1200 Loaded
for $137.50

Kenmore 1030 -
Kenmore Featherweight Price

Kenmore 178 - Strong
Very Versatile $275

Kenmore 131
Zig Zag plus for <$100.

A Kenmore TANK very strong
With strong fast motor for $245.

Miscellaneous Accessories / Sewing Machines

Necchi 534FB
Strong fast versatile
Multi Stitch $145.00

Morse Clone Super Fast and
Strong with a 1.5 amp motor.
Quality at $139.00

Willcox & Gibbs Chain Stitch
Loaded and set to use.
Exceptional for $425.00

A quality clone
Very nice for $117.50

White Quality and Versatility
For $87.50 A BEST BUY

White/Juki Unusual
Rotary Pick-Up - <$170.00

Necchi Lydia 3
Italian Necchi Quality
Excellant Sewing for $185.00.

Nechi BU Zig Zag
Finest for treadling
The best for $235.00

White 77/Domestic
Whites favorite for years
Priced for $95.00

Very Beautiful
White perfect
Remarkable quality for $147.50

Davis VF2
A Walking Foot
100+ years old $237.50

Elna Transformer
Beautiful Swiss
One of BEST Made. $187.50

Blue Bull JUKI
A brute sewing machine
1.5 Amps for $212.50

Elna Carina SU
A Quality sewing machine
Loaded w/Accessories #275.00

PARTS for Restoring & Repairing Sewing Machines

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