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A place to BUY and SELL Vintage Sewing Machines plus accessories and parts. In retirement I am enjoying collecting and working with vintage sewing machines. REPAIR services for vintage sewing machines are offered for folk in driving distance of Winter Haven, FL.

SELLING of Vintage Sewing Machines

This is the fun we have to offer. Visit the Items For Sale site where you will find pictures of sewing items being offered. You will find sewing machines that are the old reliable sewing machines our parents used. There are straight stitch machines, zig zag machines, treadle sewing units, sewing machine cabinets and accessories that are the tools these special sewing machines use to do great and fancy sewing. This selling section will change often so check it for the good items you need. Inquire regarding your interest.

All Sewing Machine items displayed have been cleaned, serviced, adjusted and tested to sew and do all they were designed to do. The sewing machines are reconditioned with new items replacing worn and unsafe items such as electrical wiring. bobbin winder tires, drive belts and light bulbs.

BUYING Vintage Sewing Machines

Regarding BUYING remember we seek quality vintage sewing machines with accessories of all types. Our interest include all vintage accessories in reasonably good condition. Contact us with accurate information, quality pictures and descriptions of the items you want to sell along with the price you want. Please send pictures and the current location of the equipment. We are located in Winter Haven, FL so getting items shipped to us presents a cost problem as well as a packing problem.

PACKING for shipping

This is very important and we do it well. We do not pack larger pieces such as treadles and cabinets but can get the job done well by by local companies. We do the packing of all sewing machines and prefer to ship USPS as their insurance is protective every time. A shipper can/will squirm out of responsibility when they damage a package. We have never lost a package to damage with any carrier yet.


From sewing machines used for salvaging parts. There are pictured machines to look through to help you identify your machine and perhaps find the parts needed. When you find your parts machine contact us to check for availablity and price. Send email We maintain a store front at Bonanzle Click here Here you can choose from the parts listed. Some parts are from vintage cabinets as well as some places other than a sewing machines.

Repair service for vintage sewing machines is available at the shop in Winter Haven, FL. House calls are offered and can cost considerably more than bringing the machine to the shop. Details regarding repair service can be explored by email or telephone Send email . A phone call to 863.875.4377.

Look in the Picture Albums for interesting pictures on various sewing machine problems. These items are not offered for sale but are used for communicating to other collectors regarding anomalies and perhaps problems needing extra help such as identifying something. We want to enjoy our time with vintage sewing machines and hope you can do the same.